About Me

Why Artemisia? The definition of Artemisia is essentially “gift of Artemis” also the name of the Wormwood plant sacred to the goddess. Ever since I learned about Greek
mythology, Artemis was my favorite goddess and she still is, so I try to tumblr_nn3a8ptKRB1qlh1rho1_500casually drop that into my everyday life, perhaps in different variations.

Who I am: Awkward nerd with badass tendencies. UCF Advertising/Public Relations Alumni. Concert junkie. Sarcasm embracer. Artist. Gamer. Comic connoisseur.

Where to find me: Twitter (@tiffanyalys), Instagram (rogueartemisia), Tumblr (youaremypath or alysartemisia), YouTube,  Vine (artemisia). Xbox Gamertag: RogueArtemisia

You are also more than welcome to email me – tiffanyalys13@gmail.com

Why am I here? Well…to be honest, I have no clue. I am more of a visual person and when it came to writing, I left it to the experts. Art has always been my “thing,” not writing. I have no purpose with what I write except to rant on and on and on about what I love and add photos that I take because I like photos…sue me. I am very passionate about the things I do and the things I obsess over (my friends and family hate me sometimes I swear). The point is, this blog serves no purpose, or perhaps it does.  I’ll leave the readers to make that decision. But I digress, you will find posts mostly about nerdy stuff because that is who I am as a person.

Warning: My sarcasm is unruly and very arbitrary, it will seep into the collage of writing I will bestow upon you readers who happen to trip and fall into my blog. Expect quotes and lyrics to worm their way in. Tread carefully, for the nerd is strong with this one.




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