E3 Recap: Bethesda

Two days have gone and passed with E3 press conferences and boy does everyone’s wallets feel lighter.

On Sunday, June 14, the Bethesda conference showcased some highly anticipated games and the hype is still real all over the gaming community.

Some familiar titles are making their way back to consoles and everyone is just salivating over playing them. Breaking it down, Bethesda revealed a new Doom, Dishonored 2, and Elder Scrolls card game, and the most exciting news…Fallout 4.

*cue the screaming*

That’s right, Bethesda pulled a Beyonce and stole the show.

Doom is set to come out in Spring 2016. Much like the original, expect the gore and new graphics while keeping the entire thing old school. There wasn’t much shown at E3 about multiplayer, but it is there. Along with this came new tools for modding. The new system is called SnapMap. Players will be able to share their created arenas with one another.

Check out the trailer for Doom:

FEMALE ASSASSIN aka Dishonored 2. The sequel to the 2012 game will feature the ability to switch between two characters and one is Emily Kaldwin. This game not only made gamers excited because they never expected a sequel, but that you get to play a female assassin. It continues the storyline from the last game and both characters will have their own special set of abilities.

Check out the trailer for Dishonored 2:

Coming to PCs and iPad, there is an Elder Scrolls Legends card game coming at some point. The game will be a strategic and free-to-play. (check out the teaser trailer)

Now for the most anticipated game from Bethesda, Fallout 4 will be released on fallout-4-pip-boy-edition-sale-01November 10, for all platforms. At E3, we were shown that there will be a whole lot of crafting right before the apocalypse, so be prepared to get your craft on. Perhaps the most awesome thing is a Fallout edition that you can preorder that comepip-boy-edition-fallout-4-01s with a real life-size Pip-Boy! That’s right and it’s compatible with the iphone.


Along with the Fallout 4 announcement, Bethesda also launched a mobile game, Fallout Shelter. Free to play and it is kind of adorable. You are in charge of your own post-apocalyptic vault and your job is to keep everyone happy.

Checkout the trailer for Fallout 4:

With all these highly anticipated games, which ones are you most excited for from Bethesda?


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