A Cinematic Takeover

Films have become the focal forefront of the social media world. Social media is the power house of Web 2.0 and the film industry knows how to work it.

Starting from the beginning, The Blair Witch Project was the beginning of the film industry’s break into the social media atmosphere. The Blair Witch Project is the beginning of something going viral. How?  Well it all started with a website. It gave you the legend, the story, built this background of it’s own. From there it only expanded. Forums and blogs continued the story by adding bits and pieces to the mystery.

This one campaign set off a whole new level of cinematic campaigns. As the out-house and in-house agencies started to establish more creative ways to showcase the films they created whole new entities for these stories and we get masterpieces. The start? Reputation.

These films are brands within themselves even if they are created by film agencies themselves. Lionsgate, Warner Bros., Capitol, Dreamworks, 20th Century Fox, Paramount and more. They all have a reputation to uphold and this within itself leads to amazing work. One example is the re-make of the critically acclaimed movie, Carrie. How do you build interest in a film already made and already has a reputation? Forget the actresses, please. You take that reputation and build on it. Carrie is supposed to be a thriller, so bring that thrill into the real world.

The Carrie prank set off an entertaining and widely talked about campaign movement .

Another great example was the adaptation of John Greene’s, The Fault in Our Stars. Sad as it sounds, which it was, this movie already had a large following and from there, sparked even more attention. Crossing through multiple social media platforms, The Fault in Our Stars flooded the internet. Instagram overloaded with photos, tweets BmV6tcnCcAA23iPtrending, the ever hilarious people spoiling the book and then leading to fake spoilers, the hashtag “#TheFaultInOurStarsMovie” spreading. The most influential of the platforms was Tumblr. Referred to as the “Demand our Stars,” they created essentially a competition. There were multiple states involved that had their own posts. The four states that had the most notes won a a meet and greet with the stars of the movie. Coincidently, I took part in this and helped bring them to Florida.  This created a phenomenon close to the annoyance of Twilight, but it worked effectively.

Now, although Carrie and The Fault in Our Stars are great, the most recent and my favorite of the campaigns effectively encompasses the idea of you having to be creative when given the opportunity to educate others in social media and how to create a successful campaign for different companies and organizations. For the past three years, The Hunger Games has swept the world into a frenzy. Clothing lines, cosmetics, toys. The Hunger Game is a brand of it’s own. As a freakish Harry Potter fanatic, The Hunger Games lives up to the hype, especially with their campaigns.

I will begin with their partnership with Covergirl. Covergirl is already a brand of it’sCovergirl-Hunger-Games-Collection-for-Fall-2013-Catching-Fire-2 own so how did they play ideas off of each other? They used the high fashion of the Capitol, an over the top and eccentric center for the government, and the different districts to display the bright and bold products from Covergirl. Magazine ads and commercials set high standards for this book adaptation.


More recently, part one of the final installment of the series, Mockingjay, not only featured Covergirl, but now took a form of it’s own with their own version of magazine ads. By utilizing the Districts in the story, they created a series of “fashion” advertisements to showcase The Hunger Games.  Creative and different. Even their teaser trailer takes you into the world of The Hunger Games by connecting you with the characters and the story itself.

The point I am attempting to make is that through a brand image, reputation comes from creativity, creativity is your stepping stone. An effective campaign expands from your campaign and can essentially revive a whole new phenomena. BY taking something previously established such as an original film or book, you can build from it and create something completely new or continue onto much bigger things.




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