Integrate Into The Future

The future is here. The future is now.

Organizations are starting to realize that the future of their companies rely on social media. Social media has become the focal point for the continuation and expansion of hundreds of organizations. I believe that it is paving the way for organizations to become successful and  build up their brand. Almost every single organization is involved in some form of social media platform whether it be Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr. The possibilities are endless, and with the creation of new platforms and creative ways to integrate companies into those platforms, organizations will only flourish.

With the emergence of new platforms, we can expect a whole new era of advancement for brands. By using RSS (Really Simple Syndication), consumers can follow your content and any content you publish will automatically be shared with them. This is a great tool for brands. Content can be easily shared with consumers who actively follow and love your brand. This concept is also similar to the use of  SEO, SEM, and mobile apps. SEO and SEM allow for optimization of your content on your webpages so that search ability is easier and cheap advertisement. You can easily monitor achievement_hunter_logo_by_we_are_the_meta19962-d5tqhrathe rankings of your organization on search engines. With the use of keywords associated with your brand and tagging those pages with those key words and phrases will, your content can be found easily through Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.

For example, if you were to search for “Achievement Hunter” on Google, the first pages that appear are their website, social media accounts and other relevant news. Achievement Hunter, a branch of the indie comedy gaming company Rooster Teeth, is very immersed in updating their social media accounts with relevant and current news.

Everything is also updated daily or weekly so that all news is UP TO DATE, which is important for organizations to understand. Consumers want relevant and current news. So all of the content that appears in the search engine should be current especially social media posts.

Twitter is a popular platform used by businesses to connect with their consumers, but does not rule out the other platforms. Again, as a good example, Achievement Hunter is very good at connecting with their consumers/fans. They are consistently updating their webpages, Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook accounts. Some of the employees even update on Tumblr.  A rule of the future of organizations integrated into social media is always to stay current and consistently update. This will allow for brands to create a presence and awareness on the internet and this why I believe that social media is the FUTURE.



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