The Misadventures of Pain and Panic

Ever had that one friend you can never imagine your life without? How about documenting your time together?

There are many things in this world that I love, but nothing can top my best friends.  Alex Reber is one of those people. On October 24, 2013, we met at the Pierce the Veil meet and greet and since then, we have done everything together and my social media accounts are overflowing with pictures and videos.

Why is this relevant to you? I don’t know, but with our one year coming up and all, I figured I should continue my last post about making friends at concerts with talking about the one girl who has changed my life, and my social media, in a year.

Let me mention that we are those weirdos who like to incorporate things from Disney and other pop culture into our lives, which explains the title. We love Disney’s Hercules and I am Pain, she is Panic. I always hurt myself, and she is always anxious. It just works.

Woo. Disney. But more about why she has changed my social media.

Alex is the reason why my wallet is significantly lighter. On average, I used to go to about two concerts a year. This year alone, I have been to seven shows and there are about four more in the next few months. I am not complaining. Don’t get me wrong, I love going to shows, but my wallet doesn’t appreciate it. Either way, we always have the best time especially when we see Beartooth. The crowds are insane and we are just as bad. Take a look for yourself (I recommend you lower the volume for this video):

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@offftoneverland and I love #beartooth #warpedtour

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I want to work for the entertainment industry, whether it is music, video games, film, etc. So, going to these shows and uploading my videos to Instagram or Tumblr and then sharing them on Twitter, I have created a network. I love documenting my experiences and sharing your experiences with others helps you build an internet presence. Pictures are great, videos are better. It’s like you’re taking your experience and placing the person who is watching it in your place. It’s human nature to want to see something you can’t physically be there for, so Alex and I do that by sharing those videos.

Because we like to share videos, Alex and I have thought about starting our own YouTube channel or at least a show within a show. We figure no one will care and not watch them, but if we are able to get views on other social media platforms, why not try, right?

Go to Disney and record your time there. Create a montage fashion show at Spirit Halloween (which we actually did), trying on different costumes. Record yourself singing along with your favorite band. Go to the park! There are endless possibilities to what you can do. Share your life with the world, it’s only the beginning. From there, you can expand to something greater and become the next Jenna Marbles or Achievement Hunter.  Maybe even one day, Alex and I will be YouTube famous. Coming to a computer screen near you…


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