It’s Dangerous To Go Alone! Make a Friend!

Picture this.

Well actually maybe you have experienced this, but you are at a show, by yourself. Kinda just sitting in line, waiting to get in the venue. Everyone is broken off in to their groups and you are just…there. Going to a concert can be very lonely so here I am to tell you, never fear that problem can be solved.

Let me establish first, I am an introvert. I usually hate crowded situations and prefer to stay in the comfort of my own bedroom. So why do I love concerts so much? Simple answer. I love music. With music and your favorite bands comes people. You aren’t the only fan out there. So how do you avoid being alone for the hour or so in line and that time in between sets? Talk to someone!

Everyone is there for the same thing, so talk to someone. I have been going to shows since 2007. Granted I was 14 which meant my dad came with me, but I digress, he enjoys it as well (it also helps that he likes the same music). I have made a friend or two at almost every single show I’ve been to and have kept in contact with them as well.

So, you may be asking, how do I start a conversation? Easy. Look at their shirt. Sounds creepy, right? Hear me out. They may be wearing merch from the artists performing that night or even other bands you know. Compliment their shirt, ask them questions like “who are you most excited to see?” or “what are your favorite bands?” Get the conversation going, make it personal. Continue the conversation by talking about whether or not you love the artists. It will definitely pass the time and I can guarantee you just made a new friend.ptv

On October 25th 2013, I met a girl who is essentially my best friend and an amazing group of people who I can’t imagine my life without now. First, let me start off with there was only four of us at that point in time. Alex, her sister, Savannah, Lily, and I were all in line to meet Pierce the Veil. Coincidentally, I was by myself and felt extremely awkward. So, I took the initiative to talk to them about the show and how excited we were. The time flew by and before we knew it, we exchanged our twitter handles and Tumblr URLs.

Through them, I met Lea, Becca, and Hannah who is a photographer. IMG_7490These girls became my “concert buddies.” Since I met them, I have not gone to a show alone. I have also spent a lot on money on shows since meeting them…

Besides just having friends to go to concerts with, they become allies at shows. Let’s say you were at the front by the barricade and you had to go to the bathroom or wanted a break in between sets, that friend who was with you up front can vouch for you to get right back up there, I do it when I feel like it. Sometimes, and I mean sometimes, the people in the crowd will be nice enough to let you through. If you’re lucky enough.

It’s always up to you whether or not you want to make friends at a show. Just as a warning, also be careful who you become friends with, ok? Remember to have fun and be safe. Make new friends.


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