A Girl with Obsessive Tendencies

When I join a site, it is for entertainment purposes. I use them to escape this never ending cycle of boredom I seem to have. I post and reblog. I tweet and I retweet. Do I have a specific interest that I focus on with those websites? NO.

I am very passionate about the things I do and love. Whether it is art, music, concerts, video games, movies, comics, television shows, my social media reflects that. It’s who I am as a person. My personality is very obsessive and when I find something interesting, I tend to latch on to it like a leech, sucking up the information and content and retaining it for later use.

One example of my obsessiveness is a company called Rooster Teeth who specialize in comedy and gaming. I heard about them YEARS ago when they first launched a series called Red vs. Blue (RvB), an animated comedy show that parodies the game, Halo. Now, I am a huge fan of video games and I’ve been playing them my entire life. I also have a sense of humor, so comedy plus gaming? SIGN ME UP. This past summer I decided to catch up on the RvB series and found that they had a branch in the company called Achievement Hunter. This branch was created by Geoff Ramsey and consisted of him Jack Patillo, Ryan Haywood, Michael Jones, Gavin Free, and Ray Narvaez Jr. Since 2011, they have expanded to more than just the original six members. They play video games, record themselves and create different shows within the company. It is safe to say I watched all of their Let’s Plays and other shows on YouTube. I started to parody what they say, even my personal Tumblr is now immersed in Rooster Teeth.This obsession let me into creating gifsets and drawings of these videos and making friends in the Rooster Teeth Community all over the world.

This is a gifset I made for their Let’s Play Minecraft – Episode 117 – Halo:CTF (1/2)
These gifs are accurate representation of how the guys work. (Let’s Play – Episode 117 – Halo:CTF)

Essentially, Rooster Teeth became my summer.

Video games and comedy. Done.

Another obsession of mine is music. Who isn’t obsessed with music? I hate when people ask me “What is your favorite type of music?” and when I answer with “Anything I’m in the mood for,” they get huffy and say you can’t like more than one type of genre. Excuse me. What? I didn’t know there was a limit on the genres I’m allowed to listen to. Thanks for the update, I’ll get right to not listening to music anymore.

The point is I am obsessed to the point that all I do is talk about bands and go to shows. You would think that an introvert like myself would avoid crowded situations like concerts, but personally I love them more than theme parks. That sense of unity where everyone is coming together to listen to the same bands as you is an amazing feeling. These people become your family. Most of the people I have befriended at shows are actually my best friends. When you are at a show, it’s like a whole other world. The bass, the crowd, the sounds. After a show, I get this deep sort of depression we like to call “PCD” or “Post Concert Depression.” 10570470_10204486291501248_7452348267660441081_nIt hits me like a freight train going full speed. I live off of the adrenaline at a show.

Meeting bands is also a love of mine. The people in these bands are phenomenal. To go day to day, pushing their limits on stage for themselves and their fans is just amazing. Every year I go to Warped Tour and this year was the first time I went to both dates in St. Petersburg and Orlando. I saw my all time favorite band at the moment, Beartooth, twice and met them at the Orlando date. My emotions were running on high and I was basically in tears after meeting them. Everything right now is Beartooth and I don’t see that as a problem.

Like I said…obsessive personality.

So what does all this ranting have to do with my blog? Well, I wanted to point out why I am who I am and give you a general sense of what you might find on here. Some days it might be a rant about a game, other days it might be about music. Hell, I might even throw in a post about my dog. I am a weird individual and that usually transcends into my writing. So whoever is reading this, enjoy!


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