That Comm Love: A VERY Brief Summary of Social Media

In today’s society, we are pretty much governed by the internet, more specifically…social media. A revolutionizing turning point for all who love to communicate with everyone and get their voice out there.

So how has social media revolutionize strategic communication professions?

Well look at this way, we as a society love to communicate. Communication leads to connections and relationships. So as a professional who works for a corporation, you want to build a relationship with your consumers. A simple solution to reach a 10694975_10204903946542363_269059085_nmajority of said consumers is through social media. Companies use to just rely on advertisements on the television, radio, magazines, etc. Now they can connect with their consumers. Take for instance, Taco Bell. Recently, Taco Bell has become a major presence on the “twittersphere,” or what I like to call the “microblogging wonder.” Their humorous tweets keep them connected with 1.36 million followers who love their food and even their jokes. For example, on September 4, Taco Bell tweeted “Meet me at Taco Bell.” That one tweet has garnered 2,117 retweets and 2,531 favorites. Even the comments are amusing.  Taco Bell also retweets from their followers and manages their tags. That very same day they retweeted a follower’s post: “treat your taco bell right or I will.” Funny huh? This person received thousands of retweets and favorites just from Taco bell retweeting them.

Taco Bell is not the only the organization that has a large presence on the internet. Many organizations have realized that Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and other social media platforms have created an easier access to their consumers and have even created relationships with them, which leads to trust and communication.

Social Media for me at the beginning was tentative, but now that I have opened my eyes to the wonders that are blogging and microblogging, I cannot escape. Communicating on the internet is a hundred times easier for me than face-to-face. Ah the life of an introvert. Those isolated tendencies partnered with awkward shyness leads to me living a very lonely life, but not online. When I graduated from high school and entered the world as a self-proclaimed adult, I learned that there were more sites out there. Goodbye Myspace, hello Facebook, Tumble, and Twitter. Tumblr has become my go to platform to create an online persona that is different yet similar to the real me. I’ve created connections with people from a variety of states and countries, some have even become close friends of mine. So for me, social media means relationships, connections, being me and sharing my opinions and experiences.

As an individual and a professional. I hope to become versatile with social media and blogging especially. Blogging is a way to share the things you love and interesting experiences that other people can connect to. Bloggers write about what they are passionate about. They love that mushy gushy stuff. Others like the raw emotions. You are sharing your opinions with others who may or may not agree with you. I want to break out of my shell like many successful bloggers have done, share meaningful things and create a presence people and businesses can see me as a professional with a unique personality.  My goal is to establish that presence, post every day, keep all of my accounts updated, have things trend and be mentioned in posts by celebrities.


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